• Hammock Flying Carpet Solo - Colours: Zebra: Yellow & Maroon

    Hammock Flying Carpet Solo - Colours: Zebra: Yellow & Maroon

  • Hammock Chair Flying Chair – Colour: Uni Goddess Red

    Hammock Chair Flying Chair – Colour: Uni Goddess Red

  • Hammock Classic- Colour: Batik Red & Yellow

    Hammock Classic- Colour: Batik Red & Yellow

  • Hammock Flying Carpet - Colours: Zebra Beige & Khaki Green

    Hammock Flying Carpet - Colours: Zebra Beige & Khaki Green

New Ergonomic Hammocks!

  • Top Comfort
  • Support for the back
  • Healthy position
  • High weight capacity
  • Heavy duty & durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable
  • “How to” videos to know all!

We love hammocks so much that we reinvented them!

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Hammock Flying Carpet

Ideal to read, relax, enjoy a nap or browse the Net.  As a bonus, the Flying Carpet is the perfect “Chill-Out Together” Hammock!

Available in version for people of a height of 1.60 to 1.90 meters / 5 to 6 feet (Original, Thermo & Solo) or in version for people of a height of less than 1.60 meters /5 feet (Original Mini, Solo Mini). 
With its unique ergonomic design, it raises the torso up, supports the head, the lower back, keeps the legs in a relaxed position, gives support where needed.
High weight capacity (up to 180 kilos. Safe and easy to get in and out. Washable. For indoors as well as outdoors. 
Check our “How to” videos to know more about how to hang, sit, care and use the Flying Carpet!

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The Flying Carpet

To people with a history of back problems, students who spend too much time slouching at their desk, overweight individuals in search of comfort, breastfeeding mothers, cuddling couples, and all of us who need a well-deserved chill out time, the Flying Carpet is the answer!

At the first look one sees that the hammock Flying Carpet is different from the traditional hammock: one sits crosswise, and not lengthwise like in a traditional hammock! But moreover,  the Flying Carpet is shaped to fit the user’s body! Evolved from the simple and primitive hammock design used in the garden for napping, the Flying Carpet design is now a truly ergonomic piece of hanging furniture. No more round back position or overstretched legs!

The  shape of the Flying Carpet is obtained through precisely measured (to the centimeter) and carefully executed rope work.  Each and every Flying Carpet must go through this handiwork stringing process. The rope is especially made to specifications and all materials used in the making are of premium quality.The fabric used is 100% cotton twill canvas and the cloth is tested in laboratory (tensile test) to guaranty high weight capacity.

Indoors or outdoors, in the living room, on the balcony, in the garden or while camping, it takes less space to hang than a traditional hammock. It is very safe and easy to get in and out: just sit down lean back and stretch out! As a bonus, the sitting position of the hammock Flying Carpet is adjustable.

The hammock Flying Carpet come in 5 different versions to better suits your needs. Check our “How to” videos to know more about how to hang, sit, care and use the hammock  Flying Carpet!

Hammock Flying Chair

Ideal to hang in limited space:  easy to install in  a room, a flat or a balcony.

Elegant, playful, free moving and easy to get in and out. To rock & swing around, read or relax, browse the net on your tablet or chat with a friend. 

Check our “How to” videos to know more about how to hang, sit, care and use the Flying Chair!

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The Flying Chair

Owing to its unique ergonomic design, the hammock Flying Chair offers lower back support to its user. Additionally, the sitting position can quickly and easily be adjusted for more comfort by using and combining its adjustments (18 possibilities: from the angle of the sitting position to the depth of the seat).

Created in 1999. Available in 90 and 120 kilos weight capacity. Stainless steel metal parts. Hard long fibers tropical wood parts. Washable seat cover.  For indoors as well as outdoors.

Note:  a strong fixing point is needed to hang the hammock chair Flying Chair.  A concrete ceiling, a strong wooden beam or a thick tree branch will do.  

Classic Hammock

Ideal for camping, relax  or sleeping even whole nights, outdoors and indoors.  Light weight (1 kg) and compact. High weight capacity  (150 kg). Washable.

Check our “How to” videos to know more about how to hang, care and use the hammock Classic!

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The Classic Hammock

The hammocks Classic is shaped  with a special stringing technique to keep the user’s back as straight as possible.When used diagonnaly, it keeps the back straighter from the base of the spine up to the neck.

Our hammock Classic is an optimized version of the traditional hammock design for a more healthy sleeping position. No more curved back, overstretched legs or overstrained knees, just a smooth , comfortable body-friendly shape!

 Can be relaxed in as long as one wishes or even slept in whole night comfortably.


Hammock Stand

Hammock Stand - Stainless Steel

The Hammock Stand  is a classy and smartly designed, no maintenance, high weight capacity, durable stand for outdoors or indoors use. 

It can be used to hang anywhere you like all Arambol Hammocks models:  the Flying Carpet Original, Original Mini, Solo, Solo Mini, Thermo or the Classic hammock. 

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The Stand

Trees do not always happen to be in the right place to hang your hammock, neither balconies’ pillars, and it might sometimes be difficult to find a place to hang your hammock inside the house.

The Hammock Stand is specially designed for all Arambol Hammocks’ models. It is a simple and elegant solution for the garden, the balcony, the living room or while camping.  

Made out of stainless steel, the stand is maintenance free. It has a weight capacity of 180 kgs, the assembling process is very easy and it pack into a 19 kgs compact and easy to tranport parcel.



  • Stern Martin

    In Arambol dem verrueckt, alternativen Kulturkristallan an der Nordspitze von Goa gibt es eine kleine Manufaktur , die Arambol Hammocks, von andy und Helene betrieben und ins Leben gerufen. Nach ueber 20 Jahren intensivsten Gebrauch kann ich nur sagen: was Andy macht hat Hand und Fuss. Hirn …und den Rest. Die Farben bleiben erstaunlich leuchtend […]

  • Motorcycle trip with Hammock Classic

    Here is the story of my hammock: i bought it nine years ago during my visit in Arambol. Since then, the hammock has been travelling with me all around the globe…

    Hammock Classic - Colour: Zebra Dark Blue & Turquoise Blue in Israel
    Aric Grisaru,

    Ashkelon, Israel
  • Siddharth Shirur

    Been using the hammock (Flying Carpet) from Arambol Hammocks for over 10 years now. Just fantastic for its quality. Still in shape and my kids and neighbours kids, all just still enjoy having fun and swinging in it.

    Siddharth Shirur,

    Navi-Mumbai, India
  • The Classic Hammock

    Even the most uninviting place become a home with a Hammock from Arambol Hammocks!

    Hammock Classic - Colour: Batik Red & Yellow