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About Arambol Hammocks

Arambol Hammock is a registered trademark of Red Earth Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd., an Indian incorporated company co-owned by Andreas Huber and Helene Riverin. Recently relocated, the headquarters of the company as well as its new Shop are now located in Mandrem (a few kilometers before Arambol) Goa, India. These are the dry facts, but as usual, there is a story behind…

The Story


Andy recalls: “After travelling extensively in South Asia, I discovered Goa and Arambol. In the early eighties, Goa was still a heaven of peace and untouched nature. Arambol village was then a very quiet and laidback little fisherman village with two beaches – one with a sweet water lake fed by a spring rivulet flowing out of a small jungle patch. I just fell for the place! It was just a bunch of Hippies who settled there in huts and tree-houses. It was a time of great freedom!”

But, Andy soon got tired to sleep on the ground, and being creative and practical, he made himself a simple hammock. Soon, it struck a chord with neighbours around. The word spread and requests have been flowing since. That was the start of a creative process that is still going on.

“My aim is to combine comfort, functionality and performance” says Andy about his creative process, “and of course, being a paraglider, the paragliding wing construction inspires me. These wings are shaped with strings of different length!”


The names given the two products he created in 1999 and 2001 – the Flying Chair and the Flying Carpet – as well as their construction, reflect this influence.



Helene’s focus is on aesthetics. “Goa enjoys a tropical climate and in this light, our taste goes for brighter colours and more contrast. However, while elaborating the colour chart, I keep in mind that users might feel better with more subdued colours at home, in a Northern country.”

Philosophy and Manufacturing Practices

Our philosophy is built around the idea of Quality as a Total Experience. Arambol Hammocks products are handcrafted and produced in limited edition. Their design aims at comfort achieved through a healthy body posture. In our Goa Boutique, each and every one is personally introduced to the products and invited to experience it. Purchases are followed by a throughout Training about Maintenance, Installation and Use of the product acquired. Quality and service, long life products made with honesty and with a commitment to well-being, this is Quality as a Total Experience the way we see it.

Though our main concerns are definitively comfort and quality, we care about environment protection and sustainable practices. For performance’s sake, some of the raw materials we use are synthetic but we choose them with care, minimize their use and developed a working routine with close to zero waste. The assembling of all the components of our products is done manually by our team members. We are committed to maintain a fair balance between environmental considerations, fair labour practices, durability, transportability and cost factors.

Our Partners and our Team 

We carefully chose our suppliers, mostly middle-sized family-run companies. The most important part of the work, the assembling process, is done in our own workshop, now relocated in Mandrem, by us with the help of our staff members.  

Kishor Parsekar is our oldest employee and a key member of our staff. He manages the workshop and the store-room. He works with us for more than 10 years now. He has a phenomenal memory and is very practical. He has created work methods and tools that had a positive impact on production time.