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Arambol Hammocks Team

Hammock Classic Batik – Yellow & red

Even the most uninviting place become a home with a Hammock from Arambol Hammocks! The shop in Arambol is amazing,  so are the owners, so are the Hammocks. I get a possitive feeling every time I am chillin’ :-) Thank you!


Hammock Flying Carpet Original Batik – Green & Yellow

Been using the hammock (Flying Carpet) from Arambol Hammocks for over 10 years now. Just fantastic for its quality. Still in shape and my kids and neighbours kids, all just still enjoy having fun and swinging in it.

Siddharth Shirur
Navi-Mumbai, India

Hammock Flying Chair Zebra – Yellow & Maroon – Weight Capacity: 90 kg

Greetings from Germany! The chair is flying…We love it!!!

Holga Knorr

Hammock Flying Carpet Thermo Zebra – Beige & Khaki Green

Greetings from Israel! Drinking wine under the olive trees in my Flying Chair! Cheers!!!!


Hammock Classic Zebra – Yellow & Maroon

Here is the story of my hammock: i bought it nine years ago during my visit in Arambol.  Since then, the hammock has been travelling with me all around the globe, especially during my one year motorcycle trip in Australia. I had a lot of nights and a lot of resting on this wonderful hammock. It’s a great great product. Yesterday my girlfriend was sitting on it and the fabric was thorn. So here i am again, buying a new one! I want the same color as the first one: Zebra Blue.

In the first photo, i am chilling in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia. The hammock is eight years old in the picture. In the second picture is packed on the bike. The arrow on that photo is indicating a round container that i fixed there just for the hammock. After few hours of riding, i stop in a rest area, take the hammock out, hang it and have a nice rest. Heaven!

Aric Grisaru
Ashkelon, Israel

Hammock Flying Chair Unicolor – Rainforest Green – Weight Capacity: 90 kg

I love the shape of The flying Chair! If only I had space to hang another at my house…

Hippie in Heels

Hammock Classic Unicolor – Rainforest Green

In Arambol dem verrueckt, alternativen Kulturkristallan an der Nordspitze von Goa gibt es eine kleine Manufaktur , die Arambol Hammocks, von andy und Helene betrieben und ins Leben gerufen. Nach ueber 20 Jahren intensivsten Gebrauch kann ich nur sagen: was Andy macht hat Hand und Fuss. Hirn …und den Rest. Die Farben bleiben erstaunlich leuchtend klar und sie tragen auch durchaus das Gewicht von Zweien. Oesterreichische Wertarbeit
Ein Austauschen kommt eigentlich nur in Frage wenn man sie verschenkt
Gut gemacht!