Available Colors

  • Batik Tied Dyed
  • Unicolor

Original Mini
- for up to 2 persons of a height of less than 1.6 meters/4.4 feet

Material: 100% Cotton - AZO Free Skin Friendly Certified Dyes with 3 ply polyester thread and Polypropelyne rope
Size & Weight: 1.5 mts x 1.8 mts (width x length), weighing 1.5 kgs
Capacity: Upto 180 kgs
Space: Min. Distance 2.1 mts, Max. Distance 2.7 mts

Ideal to read, relax, enjoy a nap or browse the Net. For children as well as adults. Sized to better fit those measuring less than 1.6 meters/4.4 feet. As a bonus, the Flying Carpet is the perfect “Chill-Out Together” Hammock! The hammock Flying Carpet shape closely follows the body, giving support exactly where needed. With its unique ergonomic design, it raises the torso up, supports the head, the lower back, keeps the legs in a relaxed position.Safe and easy to get in and out. High weight capacity (up to 180 kilos). Washable. For indoors as well as outdoors.  Check our “How to” videos to know more about how to hang, sit, care and use the Flying Carpet!

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