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Flying Carpets

  • How to Handle and Wash - Hammock

  • How to fold - Hammock

  • How to sit - Hammock

  • How to hang - Hammock

Flying Chair

  • How to assemble and hang - Hammock

  • How to adjust the sitting position - Hammock

  • How to wash the seat cover - Hammock

Classic hammock

  • How to hang - Hammock

  • How to handle and wash - Hammock

  • How to fold - Hammock


Arambol Hammocks products are quite revolutionary in terms of ergonomics and innovation.  In  Arambol Hammocks Shop in Junas Wadam, Mandrem, Goa,  each guest is personally introduced to the products and invited to discover and experience the entire range at leisure. Purchases are followed by a thorough after-sales training about installation, maintenance and use of the product acquired. An illustrated instruction leaflet accompanies each product.  

How could we replicate such an important experience for our web-site visitors? How to convey the necessary information of the after-sale training?

Arambol Hammocks is proud to introduce the “How To” and other videos videos, a collection of short videos about the installation, maintenance and use of our products, and sometimes more… We had a  great time producing them and want to acknowledge the work of those who made them possible:

Camera and Editing:     
Razvan Rosca

Staff Members/Actors:     
Celina Mallasch
Kishor Parsekar

Helene Riverin

Arambol Experience Vol. 1 – Chiki Boum Boum from Dume-Aka Ostisto 23

Special thanks to Marie Borch,  Manu Ferrantini and Dume for graciously authorizing us to use their music in our videos.